Are Essential Oils a Fad? 

A lot of people think that this whole Essential oils thing blew up over night and now it’s nothing but another Fad But, you’d be surprise to know that they aren’t… They have been around for thousands of years! Research has shown us this time and time again. But, Essential Oils (as we know them) didn’t start being understood, studied, produced or used until not that long ago! Here’s a brief history on how long essential oils have been around.

  • Researchers have discovered Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts showing that priests and physicians have used essential oils for thousands of years.
  • The Chinese were some of the first to discover and use the medicinal properties of plants. They used aromatic herbs in conjunction with massage well before the birth of Christ.
  • In Egypt essential oils were used in the embalming practice and were found in King Tut’s tomb.  Clay tablets have been found which tell us that cedarwood and cypress were imported into Egypt and essential oils were traded between nations.
  • Some Egyptian temples were dedicated with the specific role of producing and blending oils.  Recipes recorded in hieroglyphics have been discovered on the walls of these temples.
  • Ayurvedic medicine was developed by the people of India and uses massage techniques and pressure points along with essential oils to enhance health.  They believed that the secret to long life was related to the use of aromatic plants as food and as medicine.
  • Hippocrates was a Greek physician known as “the father of medicine” and he also recommended the daily use of aromatic baths and massage that incorporated essential oils.
  • The aristocrats of ancient Babylon believed that at palace banquets the aroma in the room was as important an element as the food.  Guests had their own incense burner at their place setting!
  • In the bible you will find some 188 references to essential oils.  Frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, hyssop and spikenard were used for anointing and healing the sick.  The 3 Wise Men brought Frankincense and Myrrh to Christ upon his birth.  There are many other references to healing and anointing with oils throughout the 

The term aromatherapy as we know it today was first coined in 1937 by the French chemist and perfumer Rene Maurice Gattefosse. He was not a believer of the natural health movement but was interested in the properties that essential oils exhibited.

In 1910 he burnt his hand badly in his laboratory and being the first available compound handy, treated his badly burnt hand with pure undiluted lavender oil, which not only immediately eased the pain, but helped heal the hand without any sign of infection or scar.He also found that minute amounts of essential oils are absorbed by the body and interact with the body chemistry.

During the second world war, as a result of Gattefosse’s experiments, Dr. Jean Valnetused essential oils to treat injured soldiers with great success.

Dr. Jean Valnet was the first to establish dosages of essential oils for therapeutic use. In his aroma therapy book, he writes: “Internally, the essential oils are prescribed in the form of either capsules or drops, or most often, in honey water. They are given alone or in association with other oils. Depending on the case, dosage will vary between 5 and 20 drops of pure essence administered several times a day before or during meals, or between 20 and 30 drops taken four times a day in honey diluted in a half a glass of warm water.” (1)

For “sluggish digestion,” Dr. Valnet wrote that one could take peppermint essential oil internally in a dosage of “2 to 5 drops several times a day, either in a draught [drink] or in honey water.” (2)
In 1964, Dr. Val net wrote:

“It is conceivable that the day will come when the true therapeutic value of  substances will be given proper recognition.” 

Today, modern science has validated the worth of essential oils in thousands of medical studies.

In the 1950’s Marguerite Maury started diluting essential oils in a vegetable carrier oil and massaging it onto the skin using a Tibetan technique which is applied along the nerve endings of the spinal column.

She was also the first person to start the use of “individually prescribed” combinations of essential oils to suit the need of the person being massaged.

Since the late 1970 and early 80’s the use of essential oils and aromatherapy has become a major part of alternative and holistic health systems, and has a huge following across the world.

How far back can you go?

In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. These same plants, roots, flowers, seeds, etc have been used in many forms, including “oil” form throughout recorded history for a wide variety of wellness applications.

The Egyptians were some of the first people to use aromatic oils extensively in medical practice, beauty treatment, food preparation, and in religious ceremony. While in ancient times the actual essential oils themselves were not able to be extracted; Frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh and cinnamon were considered very valuable cargo along caravan trade routes and were sometimes exchanged for gold. Now in modern times we have the knowledge to take these amazing plants, roots and resins to an even higher level with the process of essential oil extraction.

How about the use of Essential Oils in Biblical times?

One of the phrases I often see right now are “oils of the Bible”, “Essential Oils used in the Bible”, etc. This really is just a problem with phraseology. 

Were there oils used in biblical times?  Absolutely!  Olive Oil and other pressed oils were used and revered.  But remember, the modern extraction methods that we now use to create “essential” oils was not possible in biblical times.  And yet most of the plants, herbs, flowers, resins that we now know are so powerful — they knew that too!  This is why Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Cloves, Cinnamon… and many more things were a part of the everyday lives of Biblical times families.

so there you have it! Aren’t Essential oils amazing? I think so!

Stressed out???? 

So your stressed out huh? Me too! (Smh) so much to do so little time, taking care of my little one, missing my hubby who works out of town, trying to keep up with all the bills…. Ugh!!! It’s exhausting! Thank goodness for my Young Living oils! I’ve always been the one to worry way too much about everything. And it puts so much stress on me. I’ve recently been having horrible panic attacks, which freaks me out lol. And I came across several homemade essential oil recipes that could help keep me calm and take some of the stress out of my life. One particular diy recipe i found to be very helpful is called liquid Xanax. (I call it my calming blend). So if you are having one of those weeks, days, or even months lol then try this awesome recipe! It has helped me to be calm and even relax a little. I also have a wonderful recipe for calming bath salts. Probably the best relaxing bath I’ve had in years! Pretty sad but true! So here are 2 of my favorite homemade essential oil recipes. Enjoy!!! 


Not only are these essential oils great for pretty much everything but the Epsom salts are a great way to aid the body towards healing. This reverse osmosis process actually helps draw out toxins from the body helping treat everything from cuts to congestion. Adding essential oils to the Epsom salts makes it even better! 

DIY calming blend recipe:

– 15 drops vetiver 

– 30 drops stress away

–  35 drops valor

– 50 drops lavender

–  40 drops of carrier oil

Directions- using a roller bottle add 40 drops of carrier oil of you choice to the essential oils used above and give it a little shake once you have the cap on. Add a label to the bottle and bam, you have your very own calming oil blend to use when things get crazy lol!


DIY Calming bath salts:

1st recipe:

– 3-4 drops peace & calming

-3-4 drops peppermint

-3-4 drops lavender

–  1/8 cup Epsom salts 

– 1/8 cup sea salt

–  4-8 oz. glass jar


Combine all above ingredients and shake well. Make sure lid is on tight at all times. Now enjoy a nice relaxing bath. 

2nd recipe:

– 3-4 drops stress away

– 3-4 drops lavender

– 3-4 drops valor

– 3-4 drops peace and calming

– 1/8 cup Epsom salts

– 1/8 cup sea salt

– 4-8 oz. glass jar


Combine all above ingredients and shake well. Make sure lid is on tight at all times. Now enjoy a nice relaxing bath! 

If you don’t have some of the oils mentioned in these recipes, don’t worry! You can use one oil or as many oils as you like. You can do lavender bath salts, stress away bath salts or peace and calming bath salts. Whatever you like best! 


YLsearch; a way to see which oils to use for common ailments! 

I wanted to share this awesome website with everyone! If you already have your oils, or if you’ve bought your kit and are  waiting on it to arrive, then check out this great website called YLsearch. YLsearch allows you to search for Young Living related information. It indexes a variety of Young Living related websites, blogs and testimonial sites provided from the third party as indicated in the data source. The displayed results are sourced from the Google search engine. Have headaches? Pain? Allergies? Can’t sleep? Then go to YLsearch and type in the symptoms you are having, and you will find tons of helpful testimonies about each symptom. This is a great way to find the oils you are looking for to help with whatever is ailing you! The link to YL Search is below so check it out! 


Ylsearch disclaimer:

The data displayed in the search feature of YLsearch is provided by the third party indicated as the data source. YLsearch does not create this data, vouch for its accuracy, or guarantee that it is the most recent data available from the data provider. For many or all of the data, the data is by its nature approximate and will contain some inaccuracies. The data may contain errors introduced by the data provider(s) or by YLsearch. YLsearch uses names of countries and other territories that may differ from those in the original data.

YLsearch (A) expressly disclaims the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any data and (B) shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or other defects in, delays or interruptions in such data, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Neither YLsearch nor any of our data providers will be liable for any damages relating to your use of the data provided herein.

All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

Always read vitamin & supplement labels before buying!

It is very important to always check the labels on vitamin and supplement labels. I’ve been researching about the risks of vitamins and came across an article that talked about fish oil. It stated that manufacturers will either use tuna or salmon oil but, usually go with the tuna oil as it is plentiful and cheaper to produce… But it’s higher in Mercury!!! Here is another article I found about the risks of heart disease and increase in cancer when taking vitamin or supplements.

Lavender essential oil tip

Essential oil tip:   

I recently added a drop of Lavender Essential Oil to my mascara, and I love it! Makes my mascara smell so good and I’m seeing a improvement in my lashes already! Which for me is is a good thing because I don’t have very long, thick lashes! I love the difference it’s made so far. If you have Lavender essential oil, give this a try! You’ll love the way your lashes will look! 

For the little one(s) in your life

Here’s a cute little recipe for kids who are afraid of monsters, the boogieman, etc. This spray works wonders for kids who are afraid of what might be lurking around their bedroom at night. Helps them relax and fall into a peaceful sleep without worrying what’s under the bed or in their closets!!!!  It’s safe for the little ones and is a good way to help them get over their fears!


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Essential oil tip

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