Stressed out???? 

So your stressed out huh? Me too! (Smh) so much to do so little time, taking care of my little one, missing my hubby who works out of town, trying to keep up with all the bills…. Ugh!!! It’s exhausting! Thank goodness for my Young Living oils! I’ve always been the one to worry way too much about everything. And it puts so much stress on me. I’ve recently been having horrible panic attacks, which freaks me out lol. And I came across several homemade essential oil recipes that could help keep me calm and take some of the stress out of my life. One particular diy recipe i found to be very helpful is called liquid Xanax. (I call it my calming blend). So if you are having one of those weeks, days, or even months lol then try this awesome recipe! It has helped me to be calm and even relax a little. I also have a wonderful recipe for calming bath salts. Probably the best relaxing bath I’ve had in years! Pretty sad but true! So here are 2 of my favorite homemade essential oil recipes. Enjoy!!! 


Not only are these essential oils great for pretty much everything but the Epsom salts are a great way to aid the body towards healing. This reverse osmosis process actually helps draw out toxins from the body helping treat everything from cuts to congestion. Adding essential oils to the Epsom salts makes it even better! 

DIY calming blend recipe:

– 15 drops vetiver 

– 30 drops stress away

–  35 drops valor

– 50 drops lavender

–  40 drops of carrier oil

Directions- using a roller bottle add 40 drops of carrier oil of you choice to the essential oils used above and give it a little shake once you have the cap on. Add a label to the bottle and bam, you have your very own calming oil blend to use when things get crazy lol!


DIY Calming bath salts:

1st recipe:

– 3-4 drops peace & calming

-3-4 drops peppermint

-3-4 drops lavender

–  1/8 cup Epsom salts 

– 1/8 cup sea salt

–  4-8 oz. glass jar


Combine all above ingredients and shake well. Make sure lid is on tight at all times. Now enjoy a nice relaxing bath. 

2nd recipe:

– 3-4 drops stress away

– 3-4 drops lavender

– 3-4 drops valor

– 3-4 drops peace and calming

– 1/8 cup Epsom salts

– 1/8 cup sea salt

– 4-8 oz. glass jar


Combine all above ingredients and shake well. Make sure lid is on tight at all times. Now enjoy a nice relaxing bath! 

If you don’t have some of the oils mentioned in these recipes, don’t worry! You can use one oil or as many oils as you like. You can do lavender bath salts, stress away bath salts or peace and calming bath salts. Whatever you like best! 



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